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PUBG Hacks/Cheats With Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack, And Radar Hack

By Shannon McGuirk – Updated October 15th, 2021
Patch 13.2 is the most recent update for PUBG, and it features the addition of the Hyundai Porter, which is a pickup truck that features a functioning trunk. Along with this new vehicle and storage system, the update has added the P90 SMG which can be obtained from care packages.

PUBG has been shaken up with the release of Update 12.2 which is set in Taego, which is a South Korean town. To match the new surroundings, the devs have also added in some South Korean weaponry as well as a new Hyundai vehicle. If you’re looking to change up your gameplay a little, give the Comeback BR mode a shot.

PUBG’s next update has been teased in a trailer, and the new map is going to be known as Taego, located in South Korea. Along with the South Korean locale that the game is set in, there are a range of South Korean products being added, including the K2 assault rifle as well as the Hyundai Pony vehicle.

PUBG’s update 11.2 saw the introduction of the game’s Survivor Pass, which is its version of a battle pass. The first iteration of it is pajama party themed, with all of the skins following that set theme. In addition to this, it saw some crucial rebalancing of the bridges on the military islands on Erangel, making them a lot easier to survive on.

PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds (commonly referred to as PUBG) is one of the original Battle-Royale games. The game had a complicated launch, but for a summer, was the number selling game on Steam Charts.

PUBG is the eldest child in the BR family, with it’s respective younger brothers: Apex Legends and Fortnite.

Unlike most BRs, PUBG is not F2P. Along with the purchase, many players support the game through microtransactions and a battle pass.
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Players arrive onto the map from the sky, as is the norm in most BR games. You will need to look for weapons and equipment after you drop, the best quality weapons correlating with higher rates of success.

As the map gets smaller and smaller, players stay within the bounds of the circle. This allows for more dynamic combat as the number of survivors dwindles. The more you progress, the more you have to lose.

The last man or team alive gets a “Chicken Dinner”. Along with this, the game rewards you with in-game money for cosmetics and experience points depending on their squad's placement.

It is possible to get K.O, but not be perma-killed in what is known as the DBNO state (Down but not out). Entering DBNO frequently makes it harder for your teammates to resurrect you at the designated locations.

PUBG Hacks

PUBG hacks will help you win Chicken Dinner, though they carry a risk of getting your account banned, like all games. The replay system allows anyone to over footage and if your account is manually reported by many other players, a moderator will review your gameplay footage and decide whether you were playing fairly or not.

The kind of hack you decide to use is important, as some hacks are more detectable than others. A PUBG aimbot virtually guarantees a Chicken Dinner, though will be fairly easy to see in review. Hacks like ESP Wallhacks, Radar Hacks, NoSpread and NoRecoil (these last two are extra features of our aimbots) will still give you an unfair advantage though are, in order, from least to most detectable.

Hacking will usually result in a ban; this is an acceptable possibility that anyone willing to use a hacker's services accepts. Hacks abound on the internet, and the only difference between producers is the level of customization. To that end, this guide acts as an introduction to some of the features our products have.
While nearly all hackers will be able to get past anti-cheat software, it’s important to know that the primary distinction between paid and free hacks is that we constantly update our work, whereas most free hacks will eventually become obsolete. Not to mention that free hacks tend to be loaded with malware.

Cheating in competitive games is to be expected; PUBG hacks have become more common now than ever before. Joining the ranks of hackers seems like the only way to still play the game. Even pro PUBG players have even been spotted hacking while streaming.

If you’re going to cheat, you might as well do it right. At WhyWasIBanned and our affiliate websites, we offer you all the resources to explain our hacks, how to use them, and more importantly, how to use them without getting caught.

With this calibration guide, we will discuss how to tweak even the more obvious hacks like an aimbot so that when your footage is manually reviewed, there is still room for doubt.

A moderator always has a certain level of doubt when reviewing footage because a player might be reported simply for being good and making others rage. We will show you how to exploit this vigilance. Our software is “smart” and this means it is deceptively clever compared to your run-of-the-mill aimbot.

Our top shelf software is well worth the price tag as you will soon see. This guide, while exploring some of the features, is by no means extensive, and you will see when you try it yourself that we’ve only scratched the surface here.

Choosing the Correct PUBG Hack for Your Playing Style

Ask yourself why you’re looking for cheats to begin with. You may be surprised at the answer, and this will determine how you use them and if you’re caught.

Maybe you’re simply looking to satiate your killer curiosity. Cheats cater to various impulses and desires; it is imperative to take the time to understand your own motivations and expectations as well as how you can fulfil them. The world of cheating is a long meandering labyrinth where it can become very easy to get lost, but don’t worry, we will do our best to guide you through.

We are going to be completely honest with you, cheating can ruin your gaming experience. While it may be fun at first, without any real obstacles standing between you and your Chicken Dinners, the thrill of the game quickly falls flat. Don’t get us wrong, cheating can definitely be exhilarating, but it is not rewarding. We make our living out of selling cheats, so why are we telling you this? Well, because we are gamers too, and we know, all too well, that feeling when a game loses its appeal; its magic sparkle.

We don’t believe in acting in bad faith, and so won’t conceal this from you. However, if you stick with us just a little longer, we will also explain how you can make cheating more fun than it already is just by going into the exploration of certain settings.

You can think about hacking like a map. Some players just want to explore, get lost in the weeds, while others want to have every tool necessary to their success. Some might want to sit back and sip on their beers as they watch our AI play the game for them, while others still want to be in control and experience the paradoxical thrill of losing on occasion.

Whatever profile you fit into, it’s important to recall that the PUBG company takes PUBG hacks seriously. While we love trifling with them and always have the best up-to-date hacks, you need to fully accept the real possibility that your account will be in perpetual purgatory, limbo while you are using hacks; kind of like always walking on a tightrope with lava and snakes beneath you. You’ll feel more alive than ever, but the danger will always be there.

The last thing you want is to raise suspicions and have other users file a report against you. A good way to do this is to try and be a good sport when you win; try not to attract any unwanted attention.

As mentioned, some hacks are more visible than others. A PUBG ESP wall hack for instance is only visible to you, leaving no trace on any cameras. We'll look at how all of these various hackers work and how you can tailor them to suit your unique needs and ensure a certain longevity in just a moment.

Let's begin by measuring the advantages and disadvantages. Aimbots are the quickest way to a Chicken Dinner, but your skill at the game will not increase at all; essentially you’ll be jumping to the end of the learning curve without having had to learn anything. An ESP wallhack will make it easier to identify your rivals, but it will only provide details from which you must act if you want to succeed, meaning you will still have to push yourself to master various in-game mechanics.

If you're having trouble lining up your shots in PUBG, the aimbot will keep your spirits high. Just don’t make the mistake that so many others have and decide to stream your gameplay with this supposed “divine accuracy”.

PUBG cheats, no matter which ones you use, will absolutely change your gaming experience, either negatively or favorably. Life is like a game, and you can either be a player in or get played by it. The same applies to video games like PUBG. Without cheats, you can content yourself with knowing that the reins of destiny are fully within your grasp.

Aimbot Cheats for PUBG

A PUBG aimbot that snaps to enemies across walls too robotically is a lot of fun, but also acts a bit like a giant billboard advertising to everyone that you’re cheating. Our PUBG Aimbot comes with a “off after kill” switch which momentarily turns off the aimbot to prevent it from snap automatically to multiple targets in your field of view. In a team fight, this makes it more realistic and doesn’t look obvious to a moderator.

What does an aimbot actually do though? Well it uses “Smart Targeting” which essentially means we use complicated math to make your gun a bit like the negative pole of a magnet, the other positive pole that attracts the end of your gun’s barrel can be a designated part of an enemy player’s character model’s hitbox, usually the head for optimal killing time.
The above feature is considered to be a basic aimbot. In order to increase the challenge level, we have features in our aimbot that will still help your gunplay without necessarily using the above function. Free aimbots all have this basic formula down, but they lack the subtle finesse that comes with high-end software.

Smoothness is one of these features that allow your aimbot to be as smooth as silk. Snapping needs to happen in an organic way to mirror the hand of a “smooth” player. Setting high smoothness closely follows the trajectory that your hand would rather than being a rough and abrupt robotic feel that is so characteristic of other aimbots.

“No spread/recoil” is a function you will find in our software that makes your projectiles find the perfect centre within their circle of motion. This feature essentially negates recoil in any direction and allows your projectiles to be more accurate

Why should you use an aimbot? A game like PUBG triggers a perpetual fight-or-flight response whenever you encounter another player. An aimbot allows you to have the bravado to fool your brain into always choosing to fight. You might still day when taken unaware, but if you both see each other and dive to cover, we guarantee that the odds will be in your favour with our software.

Simply put, an aimbot removes the “fear” component from the game that seems to act as an insurmountable inhibitor in many BR players’ psychologies. If you enable autoshoot, you won’t even need to worry about nervous reloading or wasting bullets.

A PUBG Aimbot works best with sniper rifles for various reasons: Players who play with sniper rifles tend to be more accurate and aim for the head anyway. Either the Kar98, M24, and AWM are all good choices to use with the aimbot.

The FOV, or field of view, is another setting on your aimbot that you'll have to tweak to your preference. The slider for the FOV will increase or decrease your peripheral vision, and consequently, how easy your aimbot can magnetically hone in on someone who is not directly in front of you.

If you set your FOV too high, your aimbot will get more kills, but it will also appear as pretty unnatural and janky movement which remains… dubious to say the least.

Your aimbot will be able to lock-on to targets who are behind cover and even fire through destructible environments. In PUBG, you cannot actually kill someone through solid walls, so it might be worth it to turn this feature off.

Our PUBG Wallhack And ESP Exclusive Features

A PUBG ESP wallhack let’s you see through walls by highlighting them for you as you please. Not only does it work on players, but any items that you might want to find on the battlefield, such high tier weapons.

Knowing where the enemy is doesn’t you’ll be able to kill them, but it certainly helps. In terms of equipment, you’ll likely outrank them, so that might also instill you with some confidence. With an ESP, you can deftly avoid “camper” ambushes and pushing into a house with many players eagerly waiting to corner camp you, making smart use of explosives so that they don’t even know what hit them.

With an ESP, every shot you take counts, you won’t just be spraying randomly and hoping you hit them. These kind of hacks won’t appear on any kind of spectator footage either, so you can rest easy with them installed.
Still, an ESP needs to be configured to be efficient. You don’t want to pollute your visual field with too much information on items. You want to focus the ESP on items that are crucial to your survival like high tier weapons, maybe snipers and health, though this is really up to you.

When you have multiple detected opponents, the ESP will change the colour of the bounded box of the player you most recently wounded so as to allow you to prioritize wounded targets.

Of course, the most useful reason to use an ESP is to judge whether it would be more prudent to fight or take flight. To this end, you need to set up the UI to work in an intuitive manner rather than displaying useless information that might distract you more than anything else.

With an ESP, you’ll still have to earn your Chicken Dinners, so you don’t have to worry about this hack removing the core gameplay mechanics that make PUBG worth playing.

An ESP with an aimbot is just a recipe for success, and when used together, there is very little chance your opponents will take your tendies.

Radar Hack for PUBG

The PUBG radar hack is a minimap that doesn’t require an event to display foes (such as them firing their weapons). With the radar hack, you will always see enemies within your configured sweeprange on the map.

You will be able to spot enemies on your map within the 4 quadrants, all 360 degrees around you. This is a very useful tool to know when to third-party, when to rush an isolated opponent and when to run because you are outnumbered.
Of course if you’re using this with the rest of the cheats offered in our packages, you could probably take on a whole group on your own even if you are outnumbered.

You can determine which sweep size works best for you. This feature shows you a larger or smaller scope of enemy positions. Generally, because the battlefield is constantly shifting, using a mid-range sweep size is best.

PUBG Hacks, Why Do People Use Them?

Easy wins are possibly the most sought outcome when discussing why players willingly choose to cheat. Because video games like PUBG are so competitive, it feels good to be able to outlive 99 other opponents in a solo drop.

You may be using cheats because you don’t want to have to develop the laser focus and drive of a professional player, but still feel like a professional player.

Dying in PUBG sucks, especially when it happens too quickly. Some players choose to arm themselves with a smoking gun in order to increase their own fun.

Using cheats will also help calm your nerves and allow you to play the game in a much more relaxed state of mind. In other words, you can be highly competitive without all the sweat that comes with reaching that level.

Subscribing to primo cheat services like WhyWasIBanned or affiliates is a fantastic way to vent out your frustration from the daily grind of real life.

All of the bragging rights will be yours, and perhaps you just want your friends to look up to you and make you feel like an indispensable component to their success.

It’s also entirely possible that you just want to embrace the whispering sadist in your soul by feeding the fiery coals of wrath and have simply lacked the means to do so effectively until now.

We’re not here to judge, we just want to deliver outstanding products and services to allow you to self-actualize whatever desires you might harbour deep within yourself by allowing them to thrive and blossom.

Exclusive PUBG Hacks from 

The products and exceptional customer service that we are so proud of are what makes us a better choice over any competition. What we offer is like what vinegar is to wine, and we like to think of ourselves as the finest sommeliers who only offer you the best vintages. Our constant drive to improve our products is something that only really comes when paying for hacks; a free hack is nowhere near as complete as the software we sell.

We are pioneers of the hacking community who have been in the business for the better part of a decade. We run a see-through business, we will never lie or cheat you, and hopefully you were able to discern that truth for yourself by seeing how much effort we put into guides like this.

We will hold your hand through the installation process if there are any technical difficulties to ensure that you recommend us to all your friends; that’s how much we care about what we do. The same cannot be said about most other companies looking to sell you half-baked products.

Our hand picked PUBG Hacks

PUBG Hacks, Aimbot, Norecoil, ESP, Wall Hacks & More

PUBG: Intel Hack

Learn More

Windows 10 (build 1903,1909,2004,20H2)
Virtualization must be enabled
Intel CPU Only
HWID Locked


  • Team/friendly check
  • Bones
  • Health
  • Distance
  • Visibility checks
  • Smart Item ESP


  • Visibility checks
  • Bone selection
  • Humanized smoothing
  • Lock target
  • FOV
  • Multiple aimbot keys
  • Memory or mouse aimbot

Special Options

  • RCS (Recoil Control System)
  • Customise Kick
  • Customise Recoil
  • Radar

PUBG: Nvidia Hack

Learn More

Windows 10 (build 1903,1909,2004,20H2)
Nvidia GPU Only!
ESP Only and Stream Proof
Virtualization must be disabled
HWID Locked


  • Fully customizable ESP
  • Bones
  • Skeleton
  • Health
  • Weapon
  • Vehicles
  • Death Corpse
  • Loot
  • Airdrop Package
  • Visibility Check


  • No Aimbot available with this cheat

Special Options

  • No Misc available with this cheat

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the differences between the hacks?
We have different hack packages that vary in price and are meant to cater to your own desires. Less expensive packs contain fewer features and functionality. High end kits will ensure that you have everything you need to become a L33tHaxor.
Q2. What is Aimbot smoothness?
The smoothness of an aimbot makes your gunplay seem more realistic. This is very important in the eventuality that your gameplay footage is reviewed by a moderator in determining whether you are guilty of hacking or not.
Q3. What is Radar Hack?
his hack shows you your enemies all around you at all times without them having to trigger any kind of “reveal condition” such as firing their weapons.
Q4. What is No Recoil hack?
A no recoil hack removes recoil from guns, meaning your aimbot will be able to quickly firing consistently at a target without ever missing.
Q5. Are PUBG hacks safe to use?
No hack is safe to use in terms of your account existing outside of the pale of discovery and banishment from the game. However, our software is safe in terms of not containing any kind of malware. We will also contact you if your account is currently being investigated for hacking.
Q6. What happens if I get banned using your cheats?
Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do. We try our best, but so do security experts working for video game development companies.
Q7. Where can I download the PUBG cheat loader?
Everything you need to install the cheats, including detailed instructions will be sent to your e-mail address once your account with us has been confirmed and your transaction has gone through.
Q8. Do you offer customer service?
We offer a very useful help desk where we will be able to help you overcome any issues you might have encountered. We are also happy to answer more specific questions about our products.
Q9. What is Hwid locked loader?
The loader which you will use to inject the hacks into the game is unique to your machine. This prevents you from simply installing our software on other people’s computers without our consent or knowledge.
A9. HWID locked loader does not allow you to use the same cheat across different devices. By activating the serial key in the Hack’s loader, you can lock your cheat on your PC. Thus, sharing the cheat on another device will cause an error. This maintains the privacy of our cheats and prevents players from sharing them with their friends.
Q10. Do I need a hwid spoofer?
A hardware spoofer will prevent your account from being hardware-banned, meaning you won’t be able to continue playing the game on a new account because your machine’s unique identity is permanently stored in the anti-cheat database.

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